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Based in the Netherlands, Inducoat BV is the first coatings manufacturer with an exclusive focus on antimicrobial solutions, offering a range of paints, sealant and cleaners.

Especially organisations and corporations with a professional priority for hygiene, choose Inducoat.


The Inducoat focus on micro-organisms delivers a specialists' range of coatings, cleaners and sealant. Each product is part of the total solution, and has its own specific formulation. This results in a well-balanced solution - starting with the right preparation products, continuing with a range of coatings and sealant, and last, but certainly not least, also including the cleaning protocol.

The 3 x 3 system of Inducoat gives professional painters and decorators a solid, proven and safe approach to the hygiene challenge of their client:

  1. 3 x categories: Bacteria / Mould / Algae
  2. 3 x steps: Prepare/ Coat / Clean
  3. 3x microbial pressures: Regular / High / Special

In Holland, Inducoat is regarded as the leader in smart antimicrobial solutions. We are proud to have a blue chip client base - providing an extra line of defence to leading Dutch hospitals, food & beverage processing industries, recreational companies, etcetera.