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Cure - Care - Live - Food - Sports - our Inducoat solution is offered by professional painters to clients whom put a priority of hygiene. To protect the weak and elderly. To produce safe food. To have healthy lifes and hygienic relax environments. Inducoat has a strong reference base of long-term clients, ranging from the #1 hospital to well-known food producing facilities.


The coming decade will see an increased demand dor antimicrobial coatings which comply to the high European standards. The magnitude of the impact of micro-organisms is recognized. The awareness of the health risks of pathogene bacteria is high: for example because of the MRSA (meticilline-resistant staphylococcus aureus), E.Coli, Salmonella etc. Inducoat aims to contribute to the solution of these problems by producing and delivering smart antimicrobial coatings and cleaners. The dedication to these products is strongly connected to the attention for health improvement and welfare.

Our client-base recognizes this development and they see that the latest generation of hygiene coatings. They do not accept marketing non-sense. They are not impressed by big names. They require a specialist approach.

Just to give a couple of examples of Inducoat clients in The Netherlands:

As Inducoat is traded in several European countries, we can also provide you with international references. Just drop us an e-mail: info@inducoat.com