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The awareness of the risks of microbes has rapidly increased over the years. There is still much to be discovered about mould, bacteria and algae. What we do know, is that in certain areas, these microbes can be hazardous. In the vision of Inducoat there is a strong need for well-formulated, specialists coatings, cleaners and sealant, which fully comply to the strictest EU regulations.


Inducoat has the mission to be the leader in smart antimicrobial coatings and cleaners. Efficient, profitable and durable.

To achieve this goal Inducoat invests in state-of-the-art technologies, to maintain its position as front runner. The 3 x 3 System is developed in close partnership with leading microbiologists, biocide experts and coatings experts. Each product, each step, each category, has its own formulation. In all cases, the base products are trusted and proven. The production process fully complies to ISO standards.