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The product data sheets offer you all the important technical data. But we can imagine that you have some questions. Please find the frequently asked questions below. And, please be wellcome to ask any question direct to our team: info@inducoat.com


1. What technology do you use?

Each product has its own objective, its own microbial pressure, its own use. Hence, each product is specifically formulated, using the biocide with a proven, best practice track record. In practice, most products combine organic and anorganic biocides. In practice, the Inducoat Slow Release System is most effective.

2. Do you use silver?

Please take a look at our answer at the first question. And yes, we do use best-in-class anorganic biocides, like silver ions. But no, we do not use nano-materials. So, no, if you are looking at nanosilver, that is not in our coatings.

3. Why no nano?

We are a firm supporter of innovative technologies and in Holland, we have receive nominations for our commitment to R&D. We are in favor of any technology which is able to give all the required answers for our safety data sheets. To date, this has limited the choice for nano to nil. There are no nano-materials available which offer Inducoat and its customers the right level of assurance.

4. Why Inducoat?

If you recognize the specialist approach, you will appreciate our proposition. It's not about just one tin of paint with some additive, for us. Additionally, the 3x 3 system offers a unique choice. And, last but certainly not least, we at Inducoat believe in partnering with our customers - together working on solutions. Because our field of expertise is dynamic.

5. Probably expensive material?

No. In Holland we proof that we can match your current budget and planning. As an example, our one coat system offers often a labour saver, which tends to save you money in your current specification.

6. Can we see some proof?

Yes. You are most wellcome to come and see. Whether you are a painter, contractor, facility manager, client. Be very wellcome.