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Algae. Each year time and money is spend on cleaning facades. But also tombstones and terraces are quite a challenge to keep clean. Maybe it is typically Dutch. We like to keep the our buildings and terraces clean - free from the ugly green contamination. And we like to save money. Hence, the Inducoat ALGAE product line. 100% resistant against ALGAE - for a long period of time.


Our main customers for the ALGAE product line are maintenance professionals who want to save time and money with a smart algae resistant coating and/or cleaner. The most eye-catching product is a transparant coating which offers long-term resistance against algae. It is called AlgAway and is proven in one of the most challenging areas: graveyards, on tombstones.

Please note that for most products we offer all RAL-colours. Inducoat can deliver direct from stock.