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Moulds. It seems a well known problem. But, the know how about moulds is rapidly increasing and especially the mycotoxins, the poison produced by mould, are increasingly problematic. Even a small mould problem, can cause severe contamination at food processing plants. And for astmathic people, it is clear that moulds are making their life harder. The Inducoat FUNGI product line offers 100% resistance against mould.


The Inducoat FUNGI range is designed to offer a realistic solution to the actual situation. Hence, please choose the type of coating you would require. Obviously, we are glad to assist you to make this choice. Our technical team is at your service to give you a tailormade advice.

All FUNGI coatings are 100% resistant to harmful mould, preventing mycotoxins to develop.

Please note that for most products we offer both MATT, SATIN as well as HIGH GLOSS. All RAL-colours are available. Inducoat can deliver direct from stock.