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Bacteria. From a microscopic point of view, walls are wonderfull valleys, i.e. landing places, for harmful bacteria. In areas where an extra line of defence is required, the Inducoat Bacteria coatings range is applied. All coatings are for 99.8% proven to be resistant against a range of bacteria, like MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella, VRE.


The Inducoat Bacteria range is designed to offer a realistic solution to the actual situation. Hence, please choose the type of coating you would require. Obviously, we are glad to assist you to make this choice. Our technical team is at your service to give you a tailormade advice.

Please note that for most products we offer both MATT, SATIN as well as HIGH GLOSS. All RAL-colours are available. Inducoat can deliver direct from stock.