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Inducoat has won several nominations in The Netherlands for its innovative and enterpreneurial leadership. It is our conviction that especially in todays harsh economic climate, solid quality will prevail. We are steadily building on solutions which win by performance, not by marketing.


Team Inducoat consist of coatings professionals with a proven track record and a strong emphasis on passion for research & development. The team is lead by mr Michael (Mike) Frankhuizen ('68) who has succesfully lead business development teams as a senior strategy consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consultants and Deloitte. In 2006, it came as a logical step for Mike to use his business background to shake up the Dutch coatings world with a specialist approach on microbes. Inducoat has proven that the assumption was right that the coatings industry had a strong need to go back to basics: old fashioned solid research combined with sober and clear claims. Especially in the hyped field of microbes, an important asset. Today, on the brink of 2012, Inducoat is proud to be the exclusive supplier of coatings, sealant and cleaners to professionals who regard hygiene as their professional priority.

The sales office of Inducoat is based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Inducoat is available in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, via selected professional paint distributors.

Our contact details:
0031 (33) 456 23 94